What Our Customers Say

Over the years we have received many positive comments from happy customers, here is a small selection:

‘In the 6 years we’ve had the boat, the only thing that has gone wrong is a burnt out alternator…… and I maintain that was because the ladies love their hairdryer too much!’
Clinton R
Hartford fully fitted widebeam, 65 x 10

‘My boat looks as good today as it did when I took delivery of it in 2007. I’m just about to load it onto a truck and take it to France’
Gorg A
Anderton 57 fully fitted (and our first Czech produced boat)

‘Our expectations of our boat were very high, but you’ve still managed to exceed them! We’re really looking forward to living on our fantastic boat!’
Dave & Pam W
Kingsley 68 x 12 fully fitted, adapted for disabled living

‘What a great boat! We’re really looking forward to cruising her to our new mooring.’
Dom S
Marston 65 x 12’6″ Sailaway additions

‘Just arrived at our home mooring. The boat is great, and I’m sure that we’ll have a smashing time with her over the years!’
Keith & Lorna C
Windsor, 58 fully fitted

‘You have created my boat exactly as I imagined it! I hope that my fit-out can match the high quality of what you have done.’
Jonathon B
Marston 55 x 10 Sailaway additions

‘What a superb boat! My friend ordered one from one of the Merseyside boatbuilders before I ordered mine from you. She’s still waiting for hers, and now she’s seen my boat, she wishes she’d ordered hers from you instead!’
Tracey W
Mayfair 65 x 10 fully fitted