Why don’t you build in the UK?
Our factory director looked after our production when it was in the UK. Being Czech by birth, he returned to his homeland in 2007 and set up the manufacturing facility for us using experienced and time served craftsmen renowned for their woodworking and fabrication skills.

How do you get them to the UK?
They are transported by road by a company specialising in boat movement. The delivery charge to you is subsidised and is dependent on size.

Can I have my Sailaway fully painted?
Yes, and you can even choose your colours and designs. Prices depend on the size of your boat, the number of colours used and the complexity of the design. We would be pleased to give you a quote.

I’ve heard I can re-claim the VAT on wide beam boats. Is this true?
Not exactly. However, if you intend to live onboard your boat as your sole residence and depending on the size and level of fit out you select, it may be possible for us, as the builder, to zero rate the boat for VAT. This means that you are not charged VAT in the first place. We are very experienced in this field and welcome your enquiries.

Can my boat be delivered to the area in which I intend to moor?
In principle yes. Since we are bringing the boat from the factory by road it may be possible to deliver close to the area of intended use. We are happy to discuss your requirements.

Do I get a warranty on my boat?
Yes, of course. The cover is twelve months and longer on many items, plus three years for the engine and gearbox. In the unlikely event of anything going wrong, we have a mobile team of qualified engineers, plumbers, electricians and joiners who are able to attend to these matters.

Can I see my boat being built?
In theory, yes. Since we do not build in the UK, we have found that customers are happy to receive regular emailed photographs of the stages of build. Just let us know if this is required.

Do you provide the documents I will need to licence my new boat?
Yes, of course. As a professional builder you would expect nothing less.

I have seen Elton Moss Boats on the canals, are they anything to do with you?
They most certainly are! They and The Northwich Boat Company are brands from the same company. Elton Moss is the name given to the higher specification and bespoke build boats. There is no difference in the quality or integrity of build.

How do I order a sailaway?
We prefer to arrange an appointment with you so we can put faces to names and discuss any questions you may want to ask. However, if you prefer to communicate by email and/or telephone, that is fine with us. A deposit of just £1,000 will reserve a place on our production schedule. At this point we can indicate or discuss the delivery date. We are members of the British Marine Federation, and offer stage payment schemes. We will only request payment for work that has been completed, not for work that is about to commence.

Do you have any boats on display
Yes, we normally have at least one narrow and one wide beam boat on display at our sales base located in Overwater Marina, Cheshire. Whilst these are fully fitted boats they serve well to demonstrate the quality of build. To arrange a visit, just contact us first so that we can make sure we allocate suitable time to discuss your ideas.